About the Group

  • Our Group is managed by experienced entrepreneurs who have qualifications in Science and Business Management.
  • Workforce of more than 200 people that includes technical personnel, Sales personnel, Office and Secretarial staff & skilled/semi-skilled workers. 
  • Well equipped Q.C. Laboratories manned by qualified Chemists at both the locations. These can be updated to provide desired services to customers.
  • Sound network of business associates in every field. The business partners are widely travelled worldwide.
  • Since we are Contract-Manufacturers for reputed companies and reputed Indian and international brands, we have very well laid out facilities, systems and procedures. We closely follow GHK and GMP practices. .
  • Our factories are Environmental friendly. Our each facility complies with environmental laws, including all laws related to wastage disposal, air emission discharge, toxic and hazardous waste disposal.
  • We provide workers safe and healthy work environment. Our manufacturing facilities fully comply with applicable national and local law & regulations.